Diversity and Talent

Have your team reach highest levels by activating the diversity of its members.
Have your organization perform in a cutting edge style. Manage the diversity around you.


With ETTA, you can successfully:

  • Manage the potential of your diverse team. Have people enjoy the richness of diversity!
  • Build an organization basing on the principle of diversity
  • Create and implement diversity management programs and strategies
  • Incite women for more self-confidence and success in business
  • Develop sustainable workplace regardless of gender
  • Create age management Strategy for your organization
  • Face the troublesome Generation Y
  • Know how to manage an older employee
  • Make the best use of the richness of the young and older employees by age intermentoring
  • Prevent losing the most experienced people unexpectedly by introducing clear Retirement policy
  • Solve conflict in a diversified team
  • Build self-confidence for members of minorities
  • Care about your employees’ Work Life balance

Explore the diversity with ETTA!