Domagala Dorota face picTrainer and Consultant for Personal & Organizational Development. Always fascinated by people, their actions and underlying motives as well these conscious as the unconscious ones, so – “why do we do what we do?”.

While pursuing studies on Leadership at the University of Wroclaw, Dora has come in touch with the concepts of Social Psychology and Emotional Intelligence(EQ). It has had a significant meaning for her further personal and career path. She has been living in different countries such as: France, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany  and now she is back in Poland. This way the intercultural subjects including migrations and re-assimilation are close to her heart. Living abroad gave her valuable knowledge and experience about people and the way their psychical side works. From one side she has learned  where do we differ per culture, from another what do we all have in common, no matter where we have been born, raised, what kind of nationality, age or gender we are.

During these years she has worked mostly within Learning and Development area being responsible for creating and delivering soft skills training, implementing psychometrics and leading Development Centers within corporate environment. Besides that as a consultant she has been developing Training Curricula, managing Training Needs for the different departments, coaching and supporting reorganization processes from HR point of view.

These kind of activities gave Dora the chance to hear thousands of stories from people’s lives. Some of them were quite amazing but many of them also has shown that someone looking as a successful person for the first glance, can be full of pain, fear, regret or frustrations, very often having their sources in the childhood. Seeing how positive effects may on these people have coaching , training or consulting, made her passionate about analyzing the correlation between personal development and happiness. That made Dora a sincere supporter of the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) initiative that is based on EQ and has its roots in sciences such as: neurology, psychiatry, psychology, pedagogics and sociology. SEL can be implemented already from the early childhood stage on which means that it may prevent kids from becoming adults carrying their problems through the whole life and instead becoming happy, fulfilled and self-confident grownups. SEL and its forms are being widely implemented with educational systems of the countries like for example: USA, the Netherlands or Nordic countries. Dora’s dream is to see Poland also on that list.

Next to being a SEL Consultant Dora is working as a cross-cultural trainer for ETTA Global Leadership Consulting. Here she has the opportunity to pursue her passion for working for and with people, sharing her knowledge and experience about cross-cultural cooperation based on the years sp\ent abroad. She is working in following languages: Polish, English and Dutch and communicating as well in French and German. In these languages she has worked over 4000 hours in Learning and Development projects. Her skills are confirmed by the diplomas and certificates such as for instance: MBTI I, Co-Active Coach, Kinder Coach etc.




Dora has worked for the companies from different branches: 3M, Bridgestone, Nutricia, FedEx, TNT Express, Infor, Infosys, Kruk, UNESCO, Hewlett-Packard, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PL) and Ministry of the Regional Development (PL).


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