Global leader

We can give you a hand to reach even higher levels of proficiency in your Leadership Role. Some of the areas we can support you include:


  • getting the job done – how to manage your own responsibilities while being confronted with time constraints
  • how to motivate your people and perform at their highest level
  • …even in a virtual, cross-cultural team – ensuring efficient communication in your organization
  • becoming a great leader – how to get started in the new area of running a team. We offer full development programs for new people managers
  • difficult conversations that you can have as a manager, whether it’s an appraisal interview or giving feedback
  • managing conflict in your team and interpersonal or interdepartmental tension
  • picking the right talent and making the best use of it! You can have your team thrive with our solutions based on Gallup research on talents
  • work-life balance, is there any? With us, you can find the right time among obligations for  different areas of your life
  • taking care of your own career path with career coaching or continued professional development
  • leading the way forward – creating the best strategy for your organisation/team
  • nurturing the diversity in your organization/team and leveraging it  to your  organization’s advantage

Take on the leadership path with ETTA!