Intercultural trainings

Cross-cultural communication finally made simple! With ETTA programs, you can:


  • build your own cross-cultural team
  • successfully launch a cross-cultural project
  • get to know typical culture clashes with… (Indians, Germans, the French, you name it!)
  • develop your individual cross-cultural effectiveness
  • make sure you are well equipped for handling culture shock abroad!
  • support the human side of international Mergers & Acquisitions
  • prepare for doing business with… (Germans, the Chinese, the Americans, …)
  • learn to get clients in new markets, internationally
  • elevate performance of your international customer service
  • know in practice what your deadline means to others
  • manage and solve conflict in a cross-cultural setting
  • make intercultural communication fun and effective!


You can have the training delivered in several locations and languages – in English, Polish, German, Czech, Hungarian, Dutch, … you name it! Our multilingual team of consultants, supported by the extended global network, can support you anywhere, anytime.

Take advantage from our cross-cultural experience!