Strategy for the precious: case study

- In this profession the older you get, the more people trust you. Clients want to come back to them. But we have no strategy around these most precious ones. How can we keep them? – asked one of the HR Business Partners, a respectable...

Empowered – brave women at work: case study

- They say they don’t want to use bad words when ladies are around – so we don’t get invited to management meetings. – Even if you are managers yourself? – We can get the briefing later. – How do you build your credibility? How...

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Retired too early: case study

- I hate it when people unexpectedly retire. It’s as if they jumped a parachute – they just disappear from the plane. But what is more troublesome – how can we possibly find someone to fill in their place? – this HR Business Partner was...

Diversity can be fun… for a group of 100+ : case study

- We need it to be fun! – they stated, as we talked about what they are planning for the Diversity Week. This renowned organization from the chemical industry had run such feasts already twice. – But we were not as successful as we wanted...


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