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Gallup Talent Themes – Now, Discover Your Strengths!

Clifton’s StrentghsFinder No great success has been reached with flaws and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths, you will never lose your true self :- )   At the thought of having to get up to work tomorrow, Agnes feels energized. Full of enthusiasm, she is impatiently looking forward to...

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Facilitation. How to prepare for a project?

Facilitation and team coaching are forms of working with groups which require maximum attention to what happens on the group level and on the level of every individual participant. It is also a specific time investment of specific people, who are about to participate, spending...


This group of people could hardly be called a team. They all were working for the same client, a big international organization to which they were providing advanced IT services. Yet they worked from two different sites, some people from Poland, some from Hungary. What’s...

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Empowered – brave women at work: case study

- They say they don’t want to use bad words when ladies are around – so we don’t get invited to management meetings. – Even if you are managers yourself? – We can get the briefing later. – How do you build your credibility? How...

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Business Development Specialist needed in ETTA Team

Due to extensive growth we are currently looking for a sales person to work as Business Development Specialist based in Warsaw area to join our team. You are: * an active seeker for new business contacts * able to work independently while keeping intense virtual touch with other team members, who...

Efficient Motivation – Your Chance for Success!

Even a team consisting of greatly educated, organized, and experienced members is convicted to failure without motivation. For a manager, it’s a serious challenge to find and use incentives which have positive influence on the work of team members. Money doesn’t bring happiness? Opinion about the means...

International project “Managing diversity on the example of age management”
Two years of working together have passed as if it were only one day! ETTA Global Leadership Consulting has just finished the international project “Managing diversity on the example of Age Management” in the frame of the European Union programme called “Leonardo da Vinci”. In the presented interview, Monika Chutnik, Managing Director of ETTA, talks about where the idea of taking part in the project comes from and what are the results of the cooperation. Modules that have been created during the project meetings enrich ETTA’s portfolio in the area of managing age diversity. We can’t wait to leading trainings based on our new programme.  

CULTURE SHOCK – how to survive abroad?

International mobility is growing. We are increasingly likely to go abroad for a longer period of time (for education, for work, for family reasons) for different projects and programs. From trip to trip, one thing is certain – we cannot avoid the process of adaptation...

Doing business with Sweden. Cultural differences in business.

Despite the geographical proximity to its northern neighbour, Swedish forms of work and leadership are different from those we know in Poland. A significant difference can also be noticed in the Swedish mentality and style of negotiations.  Sharp criticism of the Swedish partner or lack...


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