Coaching, a process for development. What for?


With coaching, you can more easily

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reach your goals

make change happen

get ready for promotion

find the best solution


ETTA coaches create a professional and unique relationship between the Coach and the Coachee, based on trust, strong motivation, openness to change, and compliance with the principles of confidentiality.


Our coaches use a result oriented system approach in their work.


What is the executive & business coaching about?


Sample issues which were explored by our coaches with their Clients during coaching sessions:

  • Improving the relationship with employees, communication and building good relationships,
  • Motivating, developing and inspiring the team,
  • Current team cooperation and problems in the sphere of building own authority,
  • Own efficiency,
  • Conscious development of the career path and building a work-life balance,
  • Low or unstable self-esteem,
  • Preparation for succession.


The goal of Executive Coaching is to support top managers in managing their organization and teams, through developing their individual personal efficiency. Executive coaching is designed for managers and executives, to ensure the proper perspective for strategic view, build an adequate action plan and conscious management. Executive Coaching is a modern and elite means of developing own professional career, which has been created for leaders who want to keep expanding their competences.


Business coaching is directed to everybody who is eager to achieve better results in their job. This type of coaching is effective for companies which are trying to improve their efficiency in team management, project realization and quality of business relations. During the coaching process the Coachee becomes aware which skills are to be developed and how to better use their natural abilities to achieve business goals.


Intercultural coaching usually accompanies international relocations or international assignments.


It works best for:

  • Individuals and couples who are about to move abroad – or have recently arrived
  • Managers who take over an international team
  • Executives who manage an international organization


Based on same principles as executive and business coaching, intercultural coaching is enriched by thread of intercultural effectiveness of working successfully in the international environment.


Team coaching is a unique, powerful means of making a team development process happen. It is applied equally well for teams whose members have significant professional maturity as well as for self-organizing project teams functioning in agile methodologies. A team coaching process aims to concentrate on specific issues which at the moment are the most important for the team and might impede its performance. Team coaching means searching for what is possible in terms of development.


When to use team coaching? It works best when a team wants to:

  •  set strategic goals
  •  make important decisions
  •  design its vision and mission
  •  improve performance


Team coaching increases team cohesion and mutual understanding of other team members. It is based on four fundamental principles:

1. A team exists to perform and bring results

2. A team is a living system. What is true today will not be true in two months’ time.

3. People want to work in teams which are successful.

4. Every team carries the potential brought in by its members.

How do ETTA coaches work?


Sample instruments used by our coaches during a coach service are:

change of perspective | brainstorm | priority circle | visualization | questions opening horizons of opportunities | map of the objectives and dreams | SWOT analysis | Disney’s strategy | behavior modeling | Dilts’ Logical Levels Model | anchoring conditions and resources | four levels of developing skills | third entity | the best team experience | competence circle | team timeline.


systemic look

individual approach

respect to Client values

constant improvement!


Among others, ETTA coaches have worked for:

ABM SA, Alma International, Arka Mega, Astra CEE, Bank Ochrony Środowiska, Bahlsen, Berlitz, Billa, Bosch RBPL Group, BP, Citi Brokerage House, Coolsport, Festo Poland, Fortis Bank, GM, Grupa Polskie Składy Budowlane PSB, HDS, IBM, IKEA, Intergraph, International Paper, Intersnack, JWP Patent and Trademark Attorneys, Kompania Piwowarska, Legrand, Leipurin Group, Medicover, MeadWestVaco, Motorola, NISSAN, P&G, Polkomtel, Profill, PZU, SKOK Stefczyka, SSAB, Telefonika, Telekomunikacja Polska, Telko, Teva, Unilever, Valeo, and Volvo Trucks.

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