We support you in the Human Side of Business.


  •  the People Side of Change – change management, transitions projects, managing work atmosphere and employee relations in change
  •  navigating your people through international merger & acquisition process
  •  analyzing development needs will help you make reasonable and right-in-point investments in employee development. This way you simply save on unneeded und unwanted expenses. Or course the output is a ready-made people development plan for your company, in line with your company strategy and the actual competence gaps in your team.
  •  designing and implementing durable problem solving and team learning solutions, like Action Learning, Peer Coaching, Case-In-Point
  •  facilitating Leadership Team meetings, face to face and virtually
  •  building diversity management strategy. It can also mean building e.g. age management strategy for your organization.
  •  building CSR strategy for your organization
  • designing processes related to people in your company, e.g. retirement procedures
  • designing a motivating system for your organization or selected teams
  • interim HR management – whatever you need to make it through to the more stable time


We have, for instance:

designed and implemented full Age Management strategy in a company from the medical sector. Researched organizational culture, applied focus groups, project groups, survey and face to face interviews, involved communication and marketing teams, influenced employee contract procedures, ran coaching sessions for 600+ employees aged 50+. Apart from more efficient management of 50+ aged employees inside the company, the Board realized potential in addressing the needs of this age group as clients and launched a number of dedicated services a few years later.

developed a full CSR strategy for a company from education & leisure area, including managing waste in the office, delivered management trainings, designed relevant recruitment system, sub-strategy for internships and traineeships, created fund policy for children and youth. The organization passed successfully external CSR audit.

ran complete analysis of development needs in a medium-sized company from IT consulting business. Learned the needs and expectations of the employees, plans and directions of development indicated by the leadership team, identified the competence gaps and the ways of learning most applicable to the organization, job, and position in the company. A decent investment in the thorough analysis let the company save bigger amounts of money and time on applying irrelevant, unneeded, or even useless ways and topics of development. The results were not only savings on educational expenses, but also increased motivation of employees who realized they had their share in planning their own development.

designed a full employee appraisal system, after putting the reporting lines and responsibilities in order, managing employee HR files, analyzing the key success factors for the company business. Trained all managers to prepare for and run appraisal interviews. Trained most employees on their role in appraisal interviews. Effectively, changed the company culture from relationship-driven to merit-driven. The company’s financial results increased rapidly in the coming years (which was, however, influenced also by other areas the company improved on)

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