Creating a diversity management strategy

A diverse team is a team full of potential. Use it in the right way, contributing to the development of the entire organization.


  • Management and senior management of the organization


OBJECTIVES / During the training you will:

  • Get to know how to build an organization based on age, gender and culture diversity
  • Find out why it is worth thinking about diversity in an overall way
  • Diagnose the current state of the organization and select areas requiring modification
  • Use best practices to create diversity management strategies


  • Cross-sectional activity, resulting in a stable increase in the involvement of employees at all levels and departments in D & I initiatives. It is a process and system approach.


Workshop for the Management Board, including the subject of the impact of D & I policies on the company’s financial results in the form of facilitations in the area of:

  • Recruitment and selection of employees and less employee turnover thanks to better Employer Branding,
  • Improving the quality of products and processes by encouraging and taking into account various opinions and ideas,
  • Reducing communication inaccuracies
  • Increasing the efficiency of meetings and finding more effective ways to solve problems



  • Comprehensive and systematic advisory activity using various methods of diagnostic work and facilitation



  • Implementation project – duration to be determined


Make your organization achieve results in the best style. Manage the diversity that is around you!

We adjust our trainings to Customer’s needs. Our offer is prepared for every organization individually.

Our trainings are conducted in English, Polish and in other European languages.

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