Scandinavian countries are recognized for their intercultural awareness, and this company proved the good reputation. – Prevention is better than intervention – they said, planning their workforce in a new shared service center to be based in northern Poland. The employees were to support the company’s departments throughout Europe in areas like customer service, finance, procurement and IT. We were happy to have a share in setting up a completely new center, the second largest site of this company in Europe, right after the headquarters in Helsinki. All new employees received not only induction trainings, but a full intercultural training preparing them for functioning effectively in the cross-cultural setting. The process took a few quarters. Now, nearly 25% of the people in the site come outside of Poland, they work fully internationally, and recently the company president and CEO congratulated the quick development of the center and building such a strong team. Referring to his own experience, he talked about the enormous value of creating an international working environment – and this they did, right from the start! For cross-cultural consultants like us, this is a pure best practice: prevention is indeed better than intervention, and equipping people for their international activities at work saves much unnecessary trouble, frustration – and costly employee turnover.

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