Customer service in Shared Service Center

The Shared Service Center training course teaches high standards of international customer service, learn how to build good long-term relationships and efficient virtual communications, and how to use techniques to support the process of effective work. Raise the efficiency and quality of the foreign customer service in your organization!


  • Team Leads of teams dealing in customer service
  • Employees involved in servicing internal and external clients


OBJECTIVES / During the training you will:

  • learn how customer service translates into long-term relationships and good sales
  • get to know the standards of service of various types of customers and communication techniques that increase the effectiveness of contact with the customer
  • Practice how to work effectively with customer under time pressure and how to deal with difficult situations with different types of customers.
  • Get to know how virtual communication should run e.g. by phone, e-mail, teleconference, to be effective


  • Developing customer service to improve the effectiveness of the company and the comfort of cooperation



  • The purpose and scope of customer service in your organization and other customer service models
  • Standards of internal and external customer service
  • Types of customers – how to deal with them
  • Communication with the customer – essential elements and effective techniques
  • Assertiveness in contact with client – practice
  • Difficult situations in working with the customer – how to deal with them – practice



  • Questionnaire examining the way of working with the customer and specific needs of the organization related to customer service
  • Intensive workshop session



1-2 days


Learn the rules in the host country so that you can succeed in the business and private fields!

We adjust our trainings to Customer’s needs. Our offer is prepared for every organization individually.

Our trainings are conducted in English, Polish and in other European languages.

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