Diversity and Talent

Have your team reach highest levels by activating the diversity of its members.
Have your organization perform in a cutting edge style. Manage the diversity around you.


With ETTA, you can successfully:

  • Manage the potential of your diverse team. Have people enjoy the richness of diversity!
  • Build an organization basing on the principle of diversity
  • Create and implement diversity management programs and strategies
  • Incite women for more self-confidence and success in business
  • Develop sustainable workplace regardless of gender
  • Create age management Strategy for your organization
  • Face the troublesome Generation Y
  • Know how to manage an older employee
  • Make the best use of the richness of the young and older employees by age intermentoring
  • Prevent losing the most experienced people unexpectedly by introducing clear Retirement policy
  • Solve conflict in a diversified team
  • Build self-confidence for members of minorities
  • Care about your employees’ Work Life balance
Strategy for the precious: case study

– In this profession the older you get, the more people trust you. Clients want to come back to them. But we have no strategy around these most precious ones. How can we keep them? – asked one of the HR Business Partners, a respectable......

Empowered – brave women at work: case study

– They say they don’t want to use bad words when ladies are around – so we don’t get invited to management meetings. – Even if you are managers yourself? – We can get the briefing later. – How do you build your credibility? How......

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