14 Sep Diversity can be fun… for a group of 100+ : case study

– We need it to be fun! – they stated, as we talked about what they are planning for the Diversity Week. This renowned organization from the chemical industry had run such feasts already twice. – But we were not as successful as we wanted to be. Some people would simply not even turn up for the session. So what did you offer? we wanted to ask, but the point was actually elsewhere. – What do you need to achieve? – this is what we asked instead.

Diversity & Inclusion was an important topic for the company. It was not just ‘an assignment from the headquarters’. The Polish organization actually hoped to create a more open work atmosphere, supporting not only being open to people who might be different, but also supporting internal rotation and development. Diversity & Inclusion was one of the ways to keep talents, both by appreciating how unique they are, and by letting them develop INSIDE the organization – instead of having them look for a new job outside.

And they really had a lot to offer. The question was, how can we make the communication more open and incite the curiosity for change. At least – a bit more open. We only had two hours to run an event for 100+ participants.

What we went for was the Diversity Icebreaker. A trusted approach, a great tool for people to explore diversity, combining it with the curiosity to know more about oneself, and about the others. We went for a main trainer with a couple of session assistants who supported the groups working in their colors. It was inspiring to see what word of wisdom came from the subgroups, and how visible the specific dynamics of each color was in the session. Each of us is special. Each of us is needed. We need the other colors, too! – the sure-to-be outcome of the session sounded in the big room. How can we benefit from each other’s potential in change? – we used participative methods of working with large groups to keep the dynamics on the decent level. After all, for some people it was already the end of the working day.

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