Effective leader: training for managers

Do you want to become an effective leader of your team? Trainings in team management and leadership open the way to more effective team management. You will learn how to build your authority, how to deal with stress and how to manage your time optimally. You will get to know how to motivate and how to give constructive feedback. Be a competent leader of your organization!



  • Leaders and managers, people new in their role or wishing to improve their work skills


OBJECTIVES / During the training you will:

  • Learn how to build authority in the team
  • Discover the rules of communication and giving feedback,
  • Gain practical knowledge about motivation,
  • Learn the rules and practice communication in difficult situations,
  • Get to know how to manage conflicts in a team,
  • Learn the assumptions and practical translation of the concept of situational leadership,
  • Improve and practice methods that support stress management, time management and problem solving



  • Both development of competences and the acquisition of experience in a new role -> therefore the program assumes the implementation of three trainings at several-month intervals


Part 1:

  • The role of the leader and building the authority – the boss’s expose
  • Methods and techniques of effective communication, including feedback – communication tools with the team
  • Building an agreement depending on communication styles
  • Methods of developing employee motivation and commitment


Part 2:

  • Communication in a team and team development phases
  • Situational leadership and leadership styles
  • Difficult conversations – practical exercises
  • Conflict and conflict management


Part 3:

  • Coping with stress – concepts and practical exercises
  • Self-management in time – time organization, goals, planning, prioritization
  • Value based self-management
  • Problem solving methods


  • Three interactive workshop sessions, focused on the areas: leader – team – self-management


3 x 2 days


Lead the group as a competent and confident Leader!

We adapt our trainings to individual Customer needs. We match the offer to a given organization.
Our trainings are conducted in English, Polish and in other European languages.

Other subjects frequently chosen in this field:

  • Communication styles
  • Feedback and difficult managerial talks
  • Maintaining the motivation and achievements of the team at the highest level
  • Employee motivation tools
  • The role of the leader in building employee engagement
  • Skillful delegation of tasks and enforcement of their implementation
  • Setting real goals and striving to achieve them
  • Effective communication in the team, including the virtual, international and intercultural team
  • Creating a positive working atmosphere
  • Assertiveness as a leader
  • Conflict management in a team
  • Balance between work and private life
  • Creating the best strategy for your team
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