07 Sep Efficient Motivation – Your Chance for Success!

Even a team consisting of greatly educated, organized, and experienced members is convicted to failure without motivation. For a manager, it’s a serious challenge to find and use incentives which have positive influence on the work of team members.

Money doesn’t bring happiness?


Opinion about the means of  efficient motivation differs greatly between employers and employees. Employers often think that a decent salary is a good enough motivator, plus work safety and chances of promotion and development. Despite this line of thinking, it turns out that employees do not consider these factors as the key ones. So what is the real motivator for them? Understanding their problems, being a part of the team and – first of all – appreciation!

Praise and be praised…

Motivating factors depend on people, their age, life position, or situation. However one thing encourages everybody. What is that? Praise!

Praising employees is a basic principle of  efficient motivation. If we listen to the voice of the team, make our goals and the sense of the work we are doing clear, the motivation will definitely be much higher. Talking about good sides of the actions taken is a key to success.

If your boss is used to only  pointing out the mistakes – nothing is lost! Try to influence him/her to give you praise: ask what makes them happy, what you are doing best, etc. This way you can bring your positive energy and attitude to others.

Is all praise good?

It is important to both give praise and HOW we praise! Good praise must be efficient – influence the mood of the employee and help to achieve the results. Praise is a verbal award. However, slogans like „good job, go on” are not enough. Really valuable praise mentions facts, advantages, behavior, and results worth distinction. The greatest motivation is the feeling that the employee’s work has brought a lot of good and tangible benefits.

*The article based on the video4edu material “Explore an effective motivator – praise and act positively!”, presented by Joanna Nec-Bagińska. 

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