For 16 years, she led teams and projects as a finance professional in multinational companies. Throughout her career, she worked as an accountant, project manager, business analyst, finance manager. She spent most of her career in General Electric, learning from and observing the best managers, growing together with talented and motivated people, enjoying the culture of respect, courage, and hard work. This is how she talks about her managerial experiences:


When I became a manager, I learnt to manage people while maintaining the same engagement and quality of work. At first, it was hard to let go and trust the team, not because they were not capable, but because I used to do everything independently. Prioritization, delegation, time management – I had to learn it fast.


The most challenging part was to find my own voice and management style that suited me, served my values, and got me the results I wanted. It took time to find a perfect blend that would make me an effective leader empowering others, decisive and brave, vulnerable and strong, trusting and trustworthy with unshaken integrity. And once I discovered it, it became my brand.



Mentoring and coaching were a part of her job, and as she observed how her team members grow, get promoted, and appreciated, she realized this was the best part of her career. She knows how difficult it is to be a new manager when all is new and so important! When you might be afraid to raise your voice, take a decision, delegate, fail. Finding your voice, building your brand, and being a brave leader is a challenge, and she can help you on your way.

She became a professional coach because she believes that the world needs kind and strong leaders who are not afraid to show their vulnerability, respect, and trust others, empower, and make their people grow. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), studied with Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and she holds a credential from the International Coaching Federation (ACC).


Since 2007 she lives and works in Budapest, learning the impossible language and discovering the joys of living in a multilingual family, and working in an international environment.


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