08 Jun Good practices in ETTA – interview with Patrycja

We are happy to present the interview “Best Practices in ETTA – learn from the best!”. Patrycja Lis, a student from the Wroclaw University of Economics shares her impressions and feelings about the 3-month internship in our company. We are very pleased that we were able to host Patrycja as an intern and to share ourknowledge and experience with her!

How did you find ETTA?

I learned about ETTA during the project „Rozmowy Kulturowane”, which was organized at Wroclaw University of Economics. One of the workshops was held by a coach from ETTA and it was announced that there was a challenge for all the participants. The award for the winner was an internship and I was lucky to win it.

What was your first impression in ETTA?

Definitely, I was surprised by the team. It was small! I expected to find a large office where a lot ofofficially dressed people would explain to me what I was supposed to do. Instead, on the first day I met Monika and Sylwia. In a very friendly and informal way, they navigated me into the activities of ETTA and the work from the inside.

What were your main tasks during the internship?

During my internship, I had a lot of tasks. Mainly it was searching for the materials, compiling them for the workshops. Additionally,, I had an opportunity to take part in different projects, for example in the MATRIK workshop or Assessment & Development Center for IBM, and I have learnt a lot thanks to those projects. However, it seems to me, that the best experience was creating my own project which I had to coordinate.

What were the difficulties and the challenges that you faced during your internship?

The biggest challenge was my own project which I have already mentioned. I felt everything was planned and created by me. It was an open workshop for representatives of different companies and the name of it was „Invest in a multicultural team!”. It seemed to me that it was successful – taking into account that there was supposed to be only one workshop, but due to high interest of participants, we ran a second one.

About the difficulties – the hardest thing for me was to organize my own work. In ETTA our work is divided into tasks, a part of it is done from home, so sometimes it was not easy to get up early in the morning and get down to work. At the same time, it was a good opportunity for me to improve my self-discipline and I have definitely learned a lot.

To whom would you recommend to do an internship at ETTA?

This is a good option for people who are interested in the topics of the workshops because they  can learn a lot from them. The internship would be great not only for them, but also for those who are interested in multiculturalism. I think that people who work in an intercultural environment will find something useful in ETTA and will learn something new!


I would like to express my warmest thanks to the whole ETTA team for support and for giving me my own project. I am also grateful to KN HZ Cargo team who organized Rozmowy Kulturowane because thanks to this event, I had a chance to get an internship. I highly recommend an internship in ETTA!


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