Iga is a soft skills & intercultural competence trainer with Master’s degree in Psychology, graduate from the Jagiellonian University with specialization in acculturation psychology. She’s an intercultural trainers’ program graduate, experienced in conducting training for business, public servants, members of uniformed services and students.

The subject of multiculturalism and cross-cultural adaptation is her passion. She explored the field while living in the UK and China. She also worked with Indian and Scandinavian cultures and she uses this experience to make her trainings as valuable and resourceful as possible.

On every day basis, she works as an L&D manager in a multinational, +2000 IT company. That is how she fulfills her professional mission to help people grow by helping explore their talents and improving their skills. It also helps her gain deep insight in how cultural differences affect our everyday work, how to make most of it’s benefits and what challenges may appear while working across borders.

She is a creative mind, passionate about social entrepreneurship, one of the founders of Interkulturalni PL, a non-governmental organization focused on managing diversity and developing an open and multicultural society in Poland. She successfully initiated and managed national and international projects promoting intercultural dialogue and anti-discrimination policies. That’s where she gained her first experience in conducting training in the field of intercultural communication and cross-cultural management.

Privately she is a huge fan of international cuisine and she loves exploring the tastes of remote places she travels to. Her recent and most exciting passion is kitesurfing for the adrenaline and feeling of endless possibilities it gives.


Professional focused trainer
Bardzo wartościowym elementem szkolenia była bezpośredniość trenera, otwartość i przygotowanie do zajęć
I like the atmosphere during the training

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