Intercultural trainings

Cross-cultural communication finally made simple! With ETTA programs, you can:


  • build your own cross-cultural team
  • successfully launch a cross-cultural project
  • get to know typical culture clashes with… (Indians, Germans, the French, you name it!)
  • develop your individual cross-cultural effectiveness
  • make sure you are well equipped for handling culture shock abroad!
  • support the human side of international Mergers & Acquisitions
  • prepare for doing business with… (Germans, the Chinese, the Americans, …)
  • learn to get clients in new markets, internationally
  • elevate performance of your international customer service
  • know in practice what your deadline means to others
  • manage and solve conflict in a cross-cultural setting
  • make intercultural communication fun and effective!


You can have the training delivered in several locations and languages – in English, Polish, German, Czech, Hungarian, Dutch, … you name it! Our multilingual team of consultants, supported by the extended global network, can support you anywhere, anytime.

Successful abroad: case study

There were so many things she wanted to know about. She had already stumbled on the subtle relationships at work and felt that she interrupted their equilibrium. She was a successful, influential manager – this was the reason why she was offered a new position......

The right candidate: case study

When he entered the room and started talking, everyone understood he was not yet ready for the position he was aiming at. This intelligent and hardworking finance manager had been strongly recommended by the Polish organization for the role of the Finance Director in the......

Long term relationship: case study

– Es ist uns wichting, langfristige Beziehung aufzubauen. – It was also important for them to make sure that they do not commit a serious mistake by going out of the headquarters in Germany to look for local suppliers in Poland and the neighboring countries.......

Opportunities of change: case study

We have got rid of the hierarchical structures. From now on, people will work directly with their colleagues from Czech Republic and Romania. – Just like that? – I asked. Just like that. – Now, they can surely expect some shock when they learn about......

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