Jacek Olszewski – mediator, seller, translator and…trainer

First of all, Jacek is a negotiator. For 15 years he has been showing new ways of making agreements between business partners, contractors and team members from different cultures.

During trainings he doesn’t fight with stereotypes, but he helps to understand their origin and influence on perception of another nation. During his studies he spent 3 years in Rome meeting people with extremally different world views. He realised there that people will get to the agreement only if they get to know each other.

In 2003 he finished International Relations at University in Łódź. Jacek has explored Japanese business culture under the tutelage of Masakatsu Yoshida. He still develops practical competences of cross-cultural communication both in European and Asian context. For many years he has been helping managers in Poland, Italy and Turkey to improve their skills in areas of building and developing virtual teams. Jacek explains influence of where we came from on interpersonal relationships particularly in the context of cultures completely different from our region, e.g. like Asian cultures.

But what is the theory without practice. He has been bringing technical companies from Italy, China and Turkey to the Polish market for over 10 years. Thanks to that experience he understands how important is both mutual understanding and clear communication.

Working as a negotiator and Italian translator let him to participated in many business talks and interactions between co-workers and partners from Europe and Asia.

Especially, contact with Asian cultures completely different from ours make him realize how important are small and seemingly irrelevant communication elements and how easy message can change because of slight misunderstanding.

As a trainer he specializes in: sales, cross-cultural communication, team management (included production and virtual teams), professional customer service, intercultural negotiations, savoir-vivre and etiquette in business. He delivers trainings in Polish, English and Italian.

Privately, he likes checking what is behind the corner what makes his expeditions quite long.

At heavy metal concerts he usually stands in the first row. He used to be ¼ miles cars racing driver. Nowadays, he rests behind the steering wheel of much slower car.


Thank you for conducting the training, I think it was time well spent and that it strengthened bonds in our team.

Overall really good experience 🙂

Good training, well executed

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