Intercultural multilingual soft skills trainer


Kateryna was raised in Algeria for the first five years of her life in a multicultural environment. Her passion is working with people from different cultures and traditions. She believes that the exchange of knowledge and experiences from different backgrounds can bring benefits in the form of new solutions, creative ideas, amazing improvements and can change the world for the better.


She studied at the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Ivana Franko in Lviv, holds a master’s degree in economics and tourism organization. She received a diploma with honors. She also studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Wrocław and obtained a Master’s degree in Political Marketing.


Kateryna has over 10 years of experience in working in international corporations with clients mainly from the French and Swiss markets in the areas of: finance, HR and payroll, customer service. She also has experience in being a team leader.


Supporting employees and clients by providing intelligent solutions is her passion. She believes that challenges are also opportunities.


Working in the HR and finance departments, she was responsible for sharing knowledge and training new employees. More than a year ago, she got the chance to join the Training and Development Department and now she knows that it was the best professional decision in her life.


In the current company, she founded and is the chairman of a business group, which aims to create a platform for the exchange of experiences, inspire each other, and support the professional development of women.


Conducting training and sharing knowledge with others makes her feel fulfilled and satisfied.


Kateryna speaks Ukrainian, English, Polish, French and is communicative in Russian.


Grant Thornton, AXA XL, OVH Cloud




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