Trainer, consultant, and a coach with 15 years of experience. Completed his MBA studies and graduated from AGH in Cracow and L. Różycki  State Music  School (accordion, clarinet, piano). For four years, Michał worked in specialist and manager positions in areas like HR Management, marketing, and quality systems in Polish and international companies. He created business and marketing strategies.



Michał specializes in developing managerial competences, solving conflicts, creativity, and change management. He creates train-the-trainer programs for internal trainers, and supervises trainers’ work. As a coach, Michał does career coaching, executive coaching, and business coaching supporting promotions.



For more than 6 years, Michał has worked as a Team Consultant applying a psychodynamic and systemic approach to groups, systems, and organizations, having been prepared for this role by the prestigious Organization for Promoting Understanding of Society. Currently, he is finishing a 5 year long psychodrama trainer program. Michał also facilitates efficiency and cohesiveness of small groups, using methods like Action Learning, case-in-point, reflecting teams, iceberg process, design thinking, and many others. Michał creates competence assessment programs andworks as assessor in Assessment & Development Centers for corporate organizations.



Michał enjoys playing clavier and paints with watercolors. He is an enthusiast of reading, especially about psychodrama, and the psychology of small and big groups. His drive for improvement and self-development is just relentless. He keeps on searching for innovative methods of working with groups and individuals. At work, he applies an original, creative approach with elements of psychodrama, as well as the psychodynamic and systemic attitude.



He works in Polish and English.




•    Trainer’s Certificate – EQF 5 – Jagiellonian University Training Center
•    Trainer’s Certificate – Erickson College International
•    Graduation Certificate of Coaching School “The Art and Science of Coaching” – Erickson College International
•    Certificate of completion of a prestigious course: Advanced Small Study Group – OPUS


Alstom Power, Aon, ArcelorMittal, Auchan, Aviva, BZ WBK, BPH, Cemex, CitiHandlowy, Gridgestone, BAT, Budostal, Comarch, Dolby, Ericpol, Google, Henkel, Intersport, IBM, JTI, LG, Luxoft, Lumeese, MAN, Martin Braun, Maspex, NC+, Orange, Orlen, Orlen Oil, PGE, PZU, Sabre, Skanska, Saint-Gobain, Tauron, Tieto, Timberland, UJ, UNIT4, Ziaja



I really enjoyed being part of the training
Way to give us good direction for self-reflection and thank you Michał for very informative and creative way of training
The trainer was inspiring
Thanks for great two-day workshop 🙂
Uważam, że takie szkolenie powinno być obowiązkowe we wszystkich firmach IT
Odbieram szkolenie bardzo pozytywnie (mimo początkowego zniechęcenia). Trener potrafił zaangażować wszystkie osoby do współpracy.
Trainer was really good prepared to training and always keep discipline to group. Thank you.
Wiedza zdobyta w praktycznych ćwiczeniach bardziej przemawia niż teoretyczne wykłady
Discovering what is hidden behind talent names, interactions with others to see their point of view
Thanks for great two-day workshop 🙂
I am happy with the way how the training was delivered
Szkolenie zainspirowało mnie do świadomego podejścia do komunikacji. Postaram się zastosować w pracy kilka technik zaprezentowanych na sesji
Bardzo dobre szkolenie. Otwiera oczy na pozornie nieważne problemy oraz ciekawe zachowania grup ludzi.
I enjoyed training very much, thank you 🙂
Bardzo mi się podobało. Uważam, że czas na nie poświęcony został dobrze zainwestowany.
Good to make people aware for helping to change things they want
Większe zrozumienie samego siebie oraz innych, wykorzystam mocne strony
Great training that shows us in we extend where we really are when it comes to strengths finding.

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