Is a cross-cultural consultant, who supports development, sets challenges, and helps to understand. As an Organisational Consultant, Michalina helps to find the most relevant solutions, which engage people and make organisations even more effective. She works in a systemic approach, starting from the strategic vision of the Board, organizational culture, leadership style in the management team, and takes into account employee competence level. It all rounds up into Organisational Effectiveness, and here you can meet Michalina consulting, training, coaching, facilitating group work, or designing Assessment/Development Centre sessions. Mergers & Acquisitions and organisational changes are what Michalina likes the most. Her focus is on managing diversity and cross-cultural cooperation.



Michalina’s first intercultural experiences include a scholarship at a university in the Netherlands, an internship in a training company in Austria,  and work in a corporate Alexander Mann Solutions, which all translated into her professional passion. Since 2008, Michalina has consulted on cooperating in multinational groups, having gained education in international programs like British Council’s Intercultural Navigators.



Having a Master in Psychology from the prestigious Jagiellonian University gives Michalina a solid base to analyse how groups behave in organisations. Michalina is a licensed consultant in Extended DISC®, IWAM (Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation), Systemic and Psychodynamic Coach, and has been certified in Rational Behavioural Therapy I. That’s all was enriched by further education like The Leading Change Course (120h), Leadership Development Intensive (32h), Making the difference: Understanding how groups and organisations work (40h), Advanced School for Organisation Trainers Rozviyak (208h), Professional Business Trainer House of Skills (200h), Elżbieta Sołtys’ School of Business Trainers and Personal Advisors (290h), and others.



As a speaker at professional events  like “HR Challenges”, “Lower Silesia HR Forum”, “Invest in Diversity”, „Global reach, local touch”, Michalina got used to the public speaking. She was also the President of SIETAR Polska (Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research). She  runs train-the-trainer courses. Her passion is Youth in Action program where she ran nine full-week cross-cultural trainings for international youth leaders.



Privately, Michalina loves Indian cuisine and trips with an unknown itinerary. Together with her husband, Michalina has written three travellers’ blogs describing their trips to Syria, Liban, Jordania, and India. Currently, she is working on another blog on Iran.




IBM, Danone, Mars, ArcelorMittal, Netia, BZWBK, Volkswagen Bank, IKEA, Gigaset, SOFTWAREMIND, VSOFT, Abile, ALCON, Kemira, Tieto, Amway, EDF, ABB, PZU, ZUS, Benefit Systems, CEZ, Tesco



Michalina as a trainer is very friendly, helpful and ready to discuss every single question
Nothing to add- well done 🙂
Szkolenie przypomniało mi/otworzyło oczy na odmienność innych kultur, o czym często się zapomina, oceniając innych przez swój pryzmat.
Thank Michalina so much! The training was very useful
Żałuję, że takie szkolenia nie są prowadzone regularnie. Są niezwykle motywujące.
Buduje świetne relacje pomiędzy uczestniczkami, daje wiele do myślenia, power.
Great prepare, not boring, trainer very professional
I learnt things that otherwise would have taken more years
It was very well prepared and very good interaction with the trainer and team members
It was eye opener training
It increased my awareness about differences between people and different approach as a leader
Wzmocnienie pozytywnych aspektów zespołu. Stworzenie przestrzeni do dyskusji niedostępnej wcześniej
The trainer was great! One of the best trainers in my life!
Training increases my self-awareness and will be a milestone in my development
Elastyczne podejście do grupy, przyjazna atmosfera
Thank Michalina so much! The training was very useful
Ciekawy sposób prowadzenia zajęć „łańcuch ćwiczeń”
I loved it and would recommend it to other employees!
Szkolenie polecam kobietom, które są na rozdrożu swojej kariery i nie potrafią docenić swoich możliwości
I would like to thank Misia for a very nice training and its structure
Trenerka o niezwykle pozytywnej osobowości. Doskonale wpływa na grupę
It’s helpful not only in communication with India but also in general (as we are working multicultural company and there were some universal information presented as well)
It was a pleasure!
I realized that sometimes there are things I don’t have control over and should let them go
Showing different approaches depending on situation
Very nice trainer, very crazy one in a positive way
Great energy, good group management
It gave me knowledge of tools that I hadn’t known a possibility to practice
I will try to understand better the other people situation
Great workshop part

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