Millennials. Managing generations XYZ

Managing XYZ generations is one of the most urgent problems of small and large organizations. Learn how to do it! Our trainers will show you the best possible way how to manage generations!


  • Managers -> Team management
  • Specified team -> integration and increasing efficiency of the team>


OBJECTIVES/ During the training you will:

  • Find out what is characteristic for particular generation and you will get to know management tools applied especially in case of Y and Z generations management
  • Learn new better ways to motivate and engage employees from Y and Z generations
  • Get to know the role of the leader in managing and engaging your team and you will find out how to build the authority of the leader
  • You will understand the potential impact of age diversity on the company’s effectiveness through the variability of processes such as: recruitment and selection, retention, implementation of new employees to work, preferred ways of teamwork, leadership, problem solving etc.


  • Learn how to effectively manage Y & Z generations. Increase your knowledge & competencies on how to use potential of age diversity in a workplace.


  • Who are the representatives of various generations (X, Millennials)
  • Representatives of different generations at work
  • Building the manager’s authority for Y and Z generations
  • Engaging the Y and Z generations
  • Delegating tasks to representatives of the X and Y generations
  • Constructive feedback for the X and Y generations
  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • Contemporary trends and technologies – the Y and Z generations



  • Interactive workshop containing the best practices of age management in business


2 days


Manage the potential of your diversified team!

We adjust our trainings to Customer’s needs. Our offer is prepared for every organization individually.

Our trainings are conducted in English, Polish and in other European languages.

Other subjects frequently chosen:

  • Motivating employees from the XYZ generations
  • Building engagement among XYZ generation employees
  • Factors of success and failures in managing Y generation employees
  • Effective feedback for employees from the Y generation
  • Skillful delegation of tasks and enforce their implementation
  • Using technology and social media in the effective management of the Y generation
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