Moderated team meetings: facilitation

Moderated team meetings are unique workshops for organizations oriented on practical and real solutions tailored to their specific situation. It is an innovative form of working with a group, during which the group members themselves, with the help of a trainer, together solve the problem present in their organization. Develop your organization, effectively using the potential of your own group!




  • Teams that need to achieve / work out a common goal, e.g. to improve communication, develop a strategy, etc.


OBJECTIVES / During the training you will:

  • Maximum use of the meeting time with the final result
  • Work out concrete results with the maximum involvement of the participants
  • Learn the needs of the team as a group and on an individual level.



  • The facilitator supports the team meeting, orienting it to the goal through the use of adequate methods. Thanks to this the meeting is more effective.


  • Working on the following elements: current situation, desired target state, current resources and limitations, value of the achieved goal, success rates, first steps
  • Working out the rules for achieving the goal (specifically: who, what, when) – group contract


  • Intensive session, moderated by a facilitator using various methods of working with a group


1-2 days


Listen to the needs of employees and create together a new quality of solutions!

We adapt our trainings to individual Customer needs. We match the offer to a given organization.
Our trainings are conducted in English, Polish and in other European languages.

Other subjects frequently chosen from this field:

  • Working together on a specific case
  • ways to achieve goals
  • Setting development goals for the team by the team
  • Effect orientation and practical and real solutions tailored to their specific team situation
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