Transforming the diversity of people into effectiveness of a team – is Monika’s professional motto. As consultant and trainer for business and culture, Monika designs and delivers Leadership, Culture, and Organizational Development solutions. Throughout her 10+ years of experience in organizational development, Monika has worked with groups and individuals, leaders and employees, both face-to-face and virtually. Monika’s working experience covers multinational corporate environments (Hewlett-Packard, Nokia Siemens Networks, General Electric, Ernst&Young) to smaller enterprises and NGOs, providing an invaluable base for establishing contact and understanding the needs of Customers coming from various sectors. The international dimension of her work is one of the main factors contributing to Monika’s expertise in the cross-cultural cooperation and dynamics of virtual teams.



Cross-culturally, Monika started her education in 1999 in Finland and continued with research work in Germany and a double Masters in Poland. Her official education was supported by NGO activity (Nordic Network of Intercultural Communication, Young SIETAR, Cooperation of Central and Eastern Europe “Sunflower”). She’s written her own articles and a book on adaptation and acculturation processes was published in 2007. This intense activity resulted in culture-specific, culture-sensitive and adaptation trainings, as well as  a Presidency of SIETAR Polska – Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research, a part of the global network of SIETAR organizations. A long-life Honorary Membership of SIETAR Polska is a sign of appreciation of Monika’s and the Board’s accomplishments.



Monika’s focus  in development projects is to have an open and concentrated contact with the Participant. Monika believes in the training ABC = Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive elements are a must for a meaningful session. She is valued for her open approach, clear focus on training goals, and ability to create a good working atmosphere. She currently works on applying these skills in facilitation and team coaching projects.



Monika has been a valued speaker in professional conferences, like HR Congress, SIETAR Europe, SIETAR Germany, SIETAR USA, Diversity Days, numerous HR Breakfasts, Polish Diversity Charter, ABSL (Association of Business Service Leaders) Breakfasts, Managing Diversity by Lewiatan, management Trainers’ and Consultants Association Matrik, Western Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Scandinavian Chamber of Commerce, German Association of Machine Construction Companies (VDMA), Asian Debates, Intercultural Coaching, Diversity Index, Client in Shared Service Center, and has given speeches in multiple professional events for companies like VOLVO, Shell, or Tillberg Design. She has also moderated panel sessions in HR Directors Summit or Invest in Diversity project.



Monika has MSc in Management and MA in Sociology. She is a licensed Intercultural Readiness Check, Virtual Performance Assessment®, Mental Toughness MTQ48, Extended DISC® and Profiler® consultant. She graduated a Master Trainer Academy (GT Mentor), Virtual Facilitation program (Nomadic IBP) and an advanced program of ROZVIYAK – Lesser Poland School for Organisation Trainers.
Monika contributes to publications on cooperating across cultures and distance such as “Building Cultural Competence. Innovative Activities and Models”, “Performance Through Relationships. Towards a Cohesive Virtual Intercultural Team”, “Leading a Virtual Intercultural Team. Implications for Virtual Team Leaders.”, or “Cooperation through diversity – communication tools in a virtual work environment”. Monika dreams that one day she will complete her ever in progress PhD on engagement in virtual teams.



She has lived in Finland and Germany, speaking Polish as her mother tongue and German and   English as  second language. As a trainer, facilitator, coach, or consultant Monika ran development projects in 14 countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Morocco, as well as virtually, for groups from all over the world. Monika is based in Wroclaw, Poland.



Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia Siemens Networks, Fujitsu, SONY, Volvo IT, INFOR, Equinix, Intive, Amazon IVONA Software, Teleca, Vivid Games, Orange, Polkomtel, Capgemini, Viessmann R&D, 3M, Olympus, Credit Suisse, Becton Dickinson, GlaxoSmithKline, Fresenius Medical Care, Medicover, MetLife Amplico, PZU, Euroclear, Grant Thornton, Initiative (IPG Mediabrands), Tillberg Design, Bahlsen, Lorenz Snack-World Services, AmRest KFC, Aryzta, DNV, IKEA Industry, International Paper, LG Chem, Cemex, ArcelorMittal, MeadWestVaco, AL-KO DexKo Global Inc., Simoldes Plasticos, Nexteer, Marelli, Comau, Kemira, DANONE, Henkel, VW Bank, Thimm Verpackung / TOP Packaging

plus NGOs: Association of NGOs in Lodz, Center for Development of Citizen Initiatives OPUS, SIETAR Polska, Young SIETAR, Social Economy Development Fund

and universities: Wrocław University of Economics, WSB University Wrocław



In particular, Monika has major experience of supporting

  • IT sector, including ITO and R&D: IBM, Microsoft, Nokia Siemens Networks, Fujitsu, Volvo IT, INFOR, Equinix, Intive, Amazon IVONA Software, Teleca, Orange, Vivid Games, Polkomtel, Capgemini, plus corporate IT and R&D departments and teams in Viessmann, Danone, Henkel, Nexteer, or Lorenz Snack-World Services
  • international SSC/BPOs/CoEs: SONY, Hewlett Packard, Volvo, INFOR, Capgemini, 3M, Olympus, Credit Suisse, Becton Dickinson, DNV, Fresenius Medical Care, International Paper, Kemira
  • manufacturing: Bahlsen, Aryzta, IKEA Industry, LG Chem, Cemex, ArcelorMittal, MeadWestVaco, AL-KO DexKo Global Inc., Simoldes Plasticos, Nexteer, Marelli, Comau, Thimm Verpackung / TOP Packaging
  • virtual collaboration and virtual teams: Volvo IT, INFOR, Intive, Teleca, Orange, Capgemini, Viessmann R&D, 3M, Olympus, Credit Suisse, Becton Dickinson, DNV, Grant Thornton, Fresenius Medical Care, PZU, Euroclear, Tillberg Design, Lorenz Snack-World Services, Cemex, AL-KO DexKo Global Inc., Marelli, Kemira, DANONE
  • German businesses and German-Polish cooperation: Viessmann R&D, Nokia Siemens Networks, Bahlsen, Lorenz Snack-World Services, Henkel, VW Bank, Fresenius Medical Care, Thimm Verpackung / TOP Packaging, AL-KO DexKo Global Inc., plus Polish-German departments in international companies, e.g. Fujitsu, or international projects for German groups, e.g. GlaxoSmithKline (several projects delivered in German)
  • American businesses: Hewlett Packard, IBM, Microsoft, INFOR, Amazon IVONA Software, 3M, Becton Dickinson, Initiative (IPG Mediabrands), MeadWestVaco
  • Scandinavian and Nordic businesses: Nokia Siemens Networks, Volvo IT, Symphony Teleca, DNV, Tillberg Design, IKEA Industry, or Kemira




Trening był bardzo dobrze przygotowany, spełnił moje oczekwiania
Very good theoretical/practical balance and engaging activities. Everybody had the chance to speak her/his mind
Made me realize that cultural differences in monochromic cultures are bigger than I expected, now I know that I have to change the marketing communication
Zmotywowało mnie do dalszej pracy nad sobą i szukania pozytywów w sobie i innych
Szkolenie umocniło mnie jako osobę.
I will better understand the different cultural approaches of each nationality and have themin mind when dealing with foreigners
Szkolenie pozwoliło mi zrozumieć jakie rzeczy są moimi naturalnymi mocnymi stronami, a na czym mam się skupić
Revelation! It was just what I needed! It opened my eyes for many cases.
Jedno z najciekawszych szkoleń, na jakich miałem okazje być 🙂
Trener wskazał podłoże kulturowe, które przekłada się na sposób pracy osób z różnych kultur. Pomógł zrozumieć zachowanie osób z różnych kultur, wskazał sposób radzenia sobie z odmiennym stylem pracy.
It showed me mechanism of the relationships between culture and business
Szkolenie odbyło się bardzo profesjonalnie, za co dziękuję
Bardzo wartościowe 4 godziny, dobrze przygotowane merytorycznie
Really captivated me good preparation and professionalism of the leading person
I appreciate experience of Monika, she gave many examples and she controls the group very well to keep the structure of the workshop
Szkolenie było bardzo różnorodne i wyczerpujące
Szkolenie pomogło mi zrozumieć w jakim miejscu jestem, jak cechy charakteru i moje talenty mogą mieć wpływ na pracę
It helped me to understand how difficult it could be to work with different cultures and how challenging at the same time
It broadened my horizons. I realized my mistakes and I know how to improve my communication.
Informacje i sposób ich przekazywania były bardzo wartościowe, poza tym współpraca w grupie dobrze się układała

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