Teambuilding: raise your team to a higher level

Make your team work efficiently and achieve the set goals. Use the potential of team members and involve them in creating a new quality of work. Develop yourself and the team as a whole!




  • Nowo powstałe zespoły, zespoły w zmianie lub zespoły pragnące zwiększyć efektywność swojej pracy poprzez lepsze poznanie się


OBJECTIVES / During the training you will:

  • get to know your own predispositions and strengths (based on the Strengthsfinder or FRIS tools)
  • learn the potential of your team and its individual members, their strengths and weaknesses, the preferred way of communication
  • be integrated and you will increase the efficiency of your team.
  • You will experience a joint action, from which you will be able to draw conclusions useful in everyday work



  • Increase the effectiveness of working together in a team through joint action, better understanding of the strengths of teammates and yourself.


  • Individual diagnostic tool – test before training
  • Discussing the benefits for the individual and team associated with a given set of features
  • Development of a “manual” of people with particular characteristics
  • Workshop – how to use the diversity of the team in the best way
  • Training game using knowledge about the strengths of team members
  • Action learning – work on team experience
  • Team Development Plan – working out a code of good practice in the team


  • An active workshop session, preceded by the participants’ diagnosis


2 days


Raise your team to the next level!

We adapt our trainings to individual Customer needs. We match the offer to a given organization.
Our trainings are conducted in English, Polish and in other European languages.

Other subjects frequently chosen from this field:

  • Recognizing the current situation of the team
  • Understanding the team’s needs as a group and at an individual level
  • Setting development goals for the team
  • Effective ways to achieve goals
  • Building a positive working atmosphere in a team
  • Common solving of difficult situations in a team
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