Feel competent and comfortable!


  •  have your training program, contents, and methods of work designed individually for you
  •  bite into case studies relevant to your business and organizational maturity of the Participants
  •  ensure extra attention to your special groups and make sure that you provide them Exactly with what they need. We will take care of an extra diagnostic session to design the most accurate training program for your sensitive group.
  •  relax and learn in our trainings! ALWAYS interactive, we use simulations, case studies, positioning, sub-groups, marketplace, questionnaires, individual and group tasks, building ranges, media, board cards, role plays, quizzes, games, and yes – discussions and presentation, too!
  •  have it thorough: our training ABC means we pay attention to Affective, Behavioral, and Congnitive aspects of training your group: what your people will get to know, what they will learn to do, and how they will feel about it.
  • explore extra digital materials or ETTA Alumni for interested Participants
  •  study an extensive Guidebook – we can develop it for you as a separate assignment
  • take the lead in your organization! We advise trainings to be a part of a broader range of development activities in your company. We can give you useful hints what you yourself can do inside the organization to manage and improve people development in your company!
  • benefit from practical experience brought in by our trainers, selected from ETTA team relevant to the training topic
  • intercultural trainings are delivered by an experienced intercultural trainer
  •  special countries supported by a country expert
  • we will take care of the delicate matters: facilitate teambuilding, lead problem solving sessions, moderate leadership meetings
  • build your own trainer team with our train-the-trainer sessions
  • arrange trainings for small and large groups. The biggest group we ran sessions for was 200+
  • and yes, we like pre-work before the training, and an implementation project checked at a follow-up session after the training. This is how you stabilize your learning effect!


Training is one of many ways of development – and actually, you need to know that sometimes it’s overestimated. Don’t be surprised if we advise you away from training, and recommend another way to approach development needs of your people. Please do consider.


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