Virtual teams

Feel good in virtual collaboration, be effective and reach your goals. With us, you will get there much faster than on your own.


  • Identify the best ways to lead and manage your virtual team. How can you make sure they really work? How do you build your authority over virtual channels?
  • Become confident with tools for virtual collaboration. Make efficient use of all communication channels that you have. Use your voice as your virtual face.
  • Make sure your virtual meetings are effective. Take just as much time as you need, and that you invite the right people to the right meeting, Are you in right time zone, by the way?
  • Build your virtual team in terms of its ‘usability’ and ‘feasibility’. Apply best practice in welcoming a new member of the virtual team.
  • Find out how to establish personal rapport with a virtual employee. How can you build the commitment of people you might have never met in person? Make the cooperation in your virtual team inspiring. Build trust across geography, cultures, and time zones.
  • Make sure your virtual feedback is received in the right way.
  • Be successful across your organization. Learn to influence across virtual communication channels.
  • Identify issues on your virtual team. We can help you solve difficult situations in a virtual setting.
  • Learn to keep your work life balance if you work from home.


You know their voices much better than their faces. How tall are they? – you have no idea, but this is not relevant. Working virtually is no longer a choice. It’s necessary.

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